Memorial Day is a Day to Remember

All of us at Trimble Insurance would like to wish you a happy and safe Memorial Day Weekend. As the unofficial start of the the summer season, many of us will be traveling to visit with friends and family, so please be safe in your travels and allow a little extra...

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Bike Safety

As avid motorcyclists, this normally means motorcycle safety and with summertime upon us, it's a good time to remember to watch out for motorcycles. They are fast, maneuverable and sometimes hard to see. However, for this blog article we wanted to remind everyone...

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How Much to Insure Your Home For

Insuring your home can be confusing, and knowing how much coverage to buy can be difficult to figure out. That's where a qualified insurance agent can help you out. There's any number of numbers that can used to value a home, and they can all be accurate - for their...

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Home Based Businesses

As more people start home-based businesses or work from home, the issues on how to properly insure them increase. While it's true the standard homeowners policy does include some, limited, property insurance, those limitation might be larger than you think and for the...

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Equipment Breakdown Insurance

If your business doesn't manufacture products, you probably haven't given much thought to equipment breakdown insurance. Everyone can imagine what happens when a critical machine breaks and the production comes to a halt. But, did you know one of the most common...

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Grange Easy-Snap App Enhances Claims Process

The Grange Easy-Snap app, powered by OnSource, allows users to take and submit photos of the damage to their vehicle. The easy-to-use app is free and can be used by both Grange insureds and claimants in claims in which their damaged vehicle is considered drivable. The...

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