As an independent insurance agency, we pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer our clients options. No two situations are exactly alike and it would be silly to think that a single insurance company could be the best option for every person in every situation.

That said, there can be definite benefits to having your auto and home insured with the same company. The most obvious reason is that most insurance companies offer an auto\home discount. Insure both your auto and home with them and they’ll give you a discount on your home insurance or your auto insurance, or in some case, a discount on both your auto and home insurance.

The savings can be significant, sometimes as much as 15% or more. Other reasons can include: combined billing, giving you one bill to pay for all your insurance, online account access where you can see all your policies on one screen, and potentially easier claims situations (ever run into your own house with your car? which policy pays?).

There are some situation where it doesn’t pay to bundle, however. If you have a unique vehicle that requires special coverage or you have a home with high values or unique architecture you might be better off insuring that car or home with a specialty insurance company. Other situations can include: you have a lot of claims under one or both of your policies, a driver in your household has a less than stellar driving record, you have shaky credit, or a dozen other reasons.

So, what’s the bottom line? Should I bundle or not? The answer is, it depends. What’s for certain is that you want to work with an insurance agent who can give you that option and find the best insurance package for YOUR unique situation.



About Trimble Insurance

Trimble Insurance is a family owned business spanning four generations. Serving the personal and commercial insurance needs of Delaware County and all of Central Ohio, Trimble Insurance is a leading independent agency. In addition to homeowners and auto insurance, Trimble insures businesses of all types and specializes in contractors, energy, bonds, manufacturing, auto related, distributors, farms and agribusiness, and other industries.

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