If you’re like us, you can’t resist adding things to your motorcycle: custom seats, exhaust systems, saddle bags, sissy bars, electronics, you name it.

Customizing a bike truly makes it your own. The problem comes with your insurance. Since the insurance company has no way of knowing whether you have customized your motorcycle or not, they create their rates based on a stock unit straight from the manufacturer.

If you haven’t added anything to your ride, then there’s no problem. If you’ve only added a couple small things, you’re probably still ok. Most (most – always check) insurance policies automatically include some additional coverage for accessories or custom aftermarket equipment. The problem is that the amount is typically pretty low ($1,000). It doesn’t take much tinkering to add WAY over $1,000 in custom bits to your ride.

As painful as it might be, we recommend totalling up everything you’ve ever added to your bike (keep this list away from your spouse, they probably won’t be amused at the figure you come up with) and then give your insurance agent a call.

It’s a simple, and fairly inexpensive, matter to add additional coverage to your motorcycle policy for accessories and custom equipment or aftermarket parts. Trust us, you won’t be happy with your claim settlement based on a bone-stock bike. Add the extra coverage.


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