Halloween can be a busy time of year for insurance adjusters as the “Trick” portion of the evening can sometimes get out of hand. And, while it’s always nice when Halloween falls on a Saturday, weekend festivities tend to get out of hand a little easier than weekday parties.

Some common situations that occur are: slips and falls on your premises, vandalism to your property, tipsy partiers leaving your party, theft, fires, damage to grave markers and dog bites. Most, if not all of these would be covered by a Homeowners or Renters insurance policy.


Here are some tips to have a claims-free Halloween:

– Park cars in well-lit areas or inside a garage
– Lock cars, close windows and turn on car alarms
– Leave the lights on at your house, especially if you aren’t home
– Drive slow in neighborhoods full of zombies, minions and Frozen’s Elsa and Anna
– Keep walkways and paths well-lit and clear to avoid falling trick-or-treaters
– Keep dogs on a leash
– Don’t put candles where kids or pets can knock them over
– Don’t let children play with candles, matches or lighters
– Don’t put candles in bedrooms or sleeping locations
– Don’t leave candles unattended or on overnight
– Even better, use battery-operated candles
– Call a cab if things get out of hand

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