If your business doesn’t manufacture products, you probably haven’t given much thought to equipment breakdown insurance. Everyone can imagine what happens when a critical machine breaks and the production comes to a halt. But, did you know one of the most common causes of equipment breakdown is power surges and brownouts?

It seems like nearly everything these days has a computer chip in it somewhere. Computer chips are notoriously susceptible to sudden changes and fluctuations in current. If you are are a restaurant could you survive without your coolers and cookers and microwaves? If you’re a florist, how long would those flowers stay fresh in the summer without some sort of cooling?

None of this applies to you, you say? You’re a professional office and you don’t have products at all? Your advice is your product and what if it was your phone/data lines/systems that suffered the power surge? Your business could be down for days or even weeks. How much would that cost you in lost business, to say nothing of the expense of replacing the equipment.

There are many affordable ways to add equipment breakdown coverage to your existing commercial insurance policies. Give us a call and we can help you choose the best option.


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