Life insurance isn’t just something you buy for you and your family’s personal needs. Life insurance can also be the answer to some common business questions.

What will happen to my business if I die or become disabled?
What will happen if a key employee dies or becomes permanently disabled?
How can I attract and retain the best staff?
How can I help make sure that my business will be able to weather unforeseen financial hardships?
What will happen with my business when I retire?

If you’ve ever thought about any of these questions (or, if reading them has made you think about them) then give us call. We’ll be happy to sit down and discuss some ways business life insurance can help answer these questions for you.

About Trimble Insurance

Trimble Insurance is a family owned business spanning four generations. Serving the personal and commercial insurance needs of Delaware County and all of Central Ohio, Trimble Insurance is a leading independent agency. In addition to homeowners and auto insurance, Trimble insures businesses of all types and specializes in contractors, energy, bonds, manufacturing, auto related, distributors, farms and agribusiness, and other industries.

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